This is the most important issue on the schedule this year, and it will determine the outcome in many elections throughout the State. It is time to do it. It is part of the Affordable Care Act, the Federal Government is willing to pay for it 100% and it is important to the “working poor”, which includes most of the working people in Montana.

We’re a low wage state with lots of part time and contract jobs in low wage sectors. The good-wage logging, mining and construction jobs have given way to low wage temporary service, retail and tourism jobs. The Republican House has obstructed the bill because of their obligation to corporate interests and since the people have had a chance to see where they stand with respect to the Affordable Care Act and find themselves in the “doughnut” where they have too many assets for Medicaid ($2500) and not enough income to reach the “poverty level”, ($10,200 for a single) they are unsubsidized in the expensive insurance market, vulnerable to paying the highest prices in the hospital (sometimes 5X what others pay)- they will vote out the Republicans. The question is, who will they vote in? A lot of Montanans aren’t prepared to vote for theDemocrat- because of what they believe on a lot of other issues. In House District #3 you have a another choice who is willing to share his views with you on all the issues- so you have all the facts to make a wise choice- and don’t have to swallow the party line, hook and sinker.