National Issues: As your representative, my job is to represent The People of Montana.

I’ll do that using internet polling, to learn what issues are of most importance to Montanans, and how YOU feel about them. I’m not controlled by a Political Party, Party Ideology, the Plutocracy which owns both parties. The first big issue this 2018 Congress will have to address is Impeachment of the President. I’ll present the full argument, pro and con, to Montana- and vote the way Montana demands.

What do I think about impeachment? I predicted it would happen even before Trump got nominated, were he to be elected. Why? Because impeachment is a political process, and Trump offended all the major political players on his way to the Presidency. The Republicans will use him as long as he advances the party agenda, discard him when they’ve used him up. The Democrats will vote to impeach him, as their leadership demands.  I think The People (and Montana!) elected him because he promised to disrupt the corrupt status quo, and I (personally) would like to see more of that disruption happen. But what I think isn’t what’s important. What do you think?