“It’s not about me.”

I considered running for the US House to represent Montana, either as a Democrat or as a (new) Libertarian, but…

It didn’t happen for 2018, hopefully I’ll still be here in 2020! In the meantime, I’m working on newlibertarians.com for other candidates to use in their election campaigns.

In 2016 Montana overwhelmingly voted to elect Donald Trump as President in both primary and general elections. In 2016 Montana Democrats overwhelmingly voted for Bernie Sanders in their primary.

What does this mean?

Simply this: Montanans- like most Americans- are fed up with politics as usual. We want big changes, and we’re willing to endure disruption to get them. We’re willing to vote for an “unusual” candidate. Having to pick the “lesser of two evils”, chosen by party corruption and Big Money- isn’t good enough any more.

We want someone to vote FOR, not AGAINST- someone who cares about America, and Americans- Montana, and Montanans… someone who will represent his Constituency- not a Party, Party Ideology, or the Big Money which finances BOTH Parties.

Americans are coming to the realization that the Democrats and the Republicans don’t represent the wants, needs and dreams of the American People. They divide us into conflicting core-constituencies, put on a big puppet show at election time, split the electorate 50/50 and create Gridlock- which they then use as cover for their corruption and to protect the status quo. They care about themselves, not us.

They sing “Happy days are here again!” and they all get rich mortgaging America’s future, regressive-taxing the poor and middle classes to benefit their patrons, fighting and funding wars all over the world, creating Police State, incarcerating millions of Americans- to benefit the Plutocracy which owns them and finances elections and ALWAYS gets its way- no matter who wins the election.

They use buzz-words to divide us, like “Progressive”, “Conservative”, “Liberal”, “Socialist”, “Communist”, “Radical”, “Reactionary”, “Free Enterprise”, “Free Markets”, “Religious Liberty”, “Choice”, “#MeToo”, “Black Lives Matter”… and argue about “hot-button non-issues” like guns, abortion, head scarfs, same-sex marriage, prayer in school, statues in the forest…words and “issues” they use in every election which are already settled, never change and nobody does anything about. Why not? Because they’re too useful to distract us, raise money and make us fight against each other at election time rather than focus our attention on the REAL problem- THEM.

I ran for MTHD#3 in 2016, as a Libertarian. I knew I wasn’t going to win the election. What I wanted to do was to call attention to REAL issues which affected those in my constituency- the pollution at Glencore’s CFAC toxic waste site in Columbia Falls which affects all our water and needs to be cleaned up NOW, not 30 years from now, MAYBE… and the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare which was crucial to those who lost jobs and insurance because of closures of the woods, the mills, the aluminum plant- but the candidates of both major parties preferred to keep them swept under the rug. Why? Big money wanted them kept quiet. I wanted to force the issues out into the open, encourage debate, mobilize the vote. I feel I was successful- the time, effort and money was worth it. We got action on both issues. It wasn’t about me- it was about My People… YOU.

Now I want to take the fight to the next level. You don’t have to choose between the “lesser of two evils” in this race. Montanans, like the Founders who wrote the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights were LIBERTARIANS. I hope you’ll support me in this crucial race. There’s a lot at stake.

Top of the list is impeachment of the President, which will be pursued along corrupt party lines. A Libertarian can be independent of Party politics- support Trump when he’s right, oppose him when he’s wrong- and vote fairly on the merits, not the Party. I’ll be rubber stamp for nobody- except my Constituency.

From the beginning of my campaign, I’m seeking to be “Speaker of the House”. As neither Democrat nor Republican, I’m willing to seek bipartisan solutions to America’s problems, consider ideas from both sides. If I can get a 60 vote majority, I’ll move it along. I think I can put together majorities to challenge many of the iniquities this country suffers, perpetuated by the corruption. I’ll be 70 years old, too old to become a professional politician. This isn’t about me.

By the way, if both Trump and Pence get impeached and convicted, guess who’s next in line? This could be a grand adventure in Direct Democracy. The entire strategy, completely transparently- is spelled out in Newlibertarians.com. Chris