I like to hunt and shoot, and I collect old guns- “wall hangers”

because I like them and they are affordable. But, everyone who is sane is for some kind of weapons control. Nobody wants a lovesick teenager or a delusional schizophrenic to be able to walk into Wal-mart and walk out with a machine gun, a thousand rounds of ammo, a dozen hand grenades and a bazooka. But, putting a lot of restrictions on gun ownership for law abiding people of sound mind doesn’t make sense, either. I agree with the argument that “if gun ownership is outlawed, only outlaws will own guns.” I think the NRA is right that the government should do more about mental health, instead of restricting guns to sane, law abiding people. I think gun laws, as they are, are pretty much OK. If I were to change them, a little, I think we have a huge population of “non-violent felons” created by the “War on Drugs”

who should be able to regain their right to own a gun and hunt and

shoot- because I think hunting and shooting are wholesome activities, and I think the ownership and use of suppressors should be less restrictive because it’s polite not to upset the neighbors and their livestock if you choose to shoot your gun. In Europe it’s required. I am not a fan of semi-automatic weapons (“assault weapons”) myself, but until we start trying to take away the duck-hunter’s shotgun (which won’t happen) laws about “assault weapons” are silly.