Chris Colvin Design

My dear Mother suggested I need a humble business name which would encompass all my pursuits. She suggested “Colvin Enterprises”. Too generic, I thought. I do stone work, dabble in various art forms, buy and sell antique guns, build websites, do photography, been working on multiple writing projects… and I wanted to be able to cash checks paid to me for multiple reasons all on the same account so most of my expenses might be tax deductible, yet not need ten different checking accounts. I considered “Dilettante Design” (since that’s what dear old Dad used to call me) but I thought it might attract the wrong kind of attention.

Some of the stone work can be seen on,  the guns are on , the website design germ can be seen on , I have a Montana non-profit educational/political website (where I write a column, more or less daily), my 2014 MTHD3 campaign website, reworked into my all-purpose site after I decided not to run for US House in 2018- on which this is a “child-site”.

My son, Joshua Lewis and I are taking website design and Photoshop classes at the community college, and we’re helping each other on all our different projects. He’s doing stone work at Granite Peak Stoneworks, and living in apartment at the shop in Martin City, and is eagerly anticipating his new part-time job working at PhotoVideoPlus, a photo shop in Kalispell. We’re both anticipating getting Ashley Creek going again after a three year hiatus as the result of being broke due to divorce.